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Macaroon recipe + tips

This weekend I decided to take on the hardest cookie. A macaroon. These French treats go through a long and length process, and are insanely hard to make. Here are some tips on how to get them perfect your first try. And a recipe that will help get you there.

1 cup of almond flour

1 and 3/4th cups of confectioners sugar

Three egg whites at room temperature

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/4 a cup of granulated sugar

A frosting of your choice

1. Separate three egg whites, and leave them to sit half an hour. The eggs need to come to room temperate. This will allow your macaroons to be much fluffier.

2. The dry ingredients will need to be very fine. Even if you buy extra fine almond flour, it’s not enough. In a food processor blend your almond flour, confectioners or powdered sugar. You can blends this as much as you like, it will only make your macoroons smoother. Add in half your sea salt

3. Now sift your dry ingredients into the bowl. This will endure a perfect smooth top picture perfect macoroon.

4. Once your egg whites are room temperate add them into a mixing bowl, with the wisk attachment. Allow these eggs to be beat until they have stiff peaks. That means you can flip the bowl over, and not have anything fall out. This could take a few minutes. Then add the vanilla extract.

5. Once your eggs are stiff and white, gradually add granulated sugar. Add this very slow, while the eggs are being whisked even more. If you add it to fast your eggs could deflate!

6. Now slowly incorporate your dry ingredients. About a 1/3 the bowl at a time. Make sure to fold them in carefully, so your eggs don’t loose the air that was whisked into them. Once that is completely incoperated, see if you can make a figure 8 with the batter. That means try to ribbon the batter into the bowl by dripping it off your spatula. If the batter makes a figure 8 that doesn’t instantly disappear, your ready for piping.

7. Put the batter in a frosting bag and add parchment paper to a baking sheet. You must add parchment paper. If you Pam it or use a type of cooking oil the cookies will absorb it and not rise. Place them down in little circles, your can even get macoroon stencils online. I usually eyeball it.

8. Now In order to get the air bubbles out bang the treys on the counter a few times and rotate and repeat. If their are any air bubbles the macoroons wont rise. Now leave them to set on the counter for 30-50 minutes. This will allow them to form a nice top. Then put your over on 300 and place them in for 17 minutes.


You could risk completely deflating your macoroons.

9. Once your macoroons are done leave them to dry completely. Other wise the frosting will melt. For my macaroon I used a store bought frosting and added it with a knife. If you prefer to make your own or use a piping bag, that will work too. Then just put a top on the cookie and enjoy!

If you want a better macaroon put it in the fridge for two days, to allow the flavors to incorporate.



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